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Marketing, Branding and Advertising
Make your message resonate. Here's where your strategy and positioning begin to take shape. It's the creative process of building a powerful brand identity that reaches your audiences and sets you apart in the marketplace.

Business’ growth support through Branding and Web Strategies
Business Development - We provide a structured process to acquire clients and increase revenues. There is no shortcut to business development. Success in sales, by any name, requires patience, focus and planning Market Verification - We provide a structured and balanced research methodology that delivers real insight into the markets perception of a proposed product.

Social Media Management
Media-Slave covers all aspects of growing your business online and creating lasting relationships with clients. These relationships are built within social media channels and form a vital part in your overall marketing and PR programme.

We are experts in social media, PR, branding and SEO and the importance they hold in getting word out for your business. With our complete set of skills you are in the best hands to make your website work for your business. We are confident in the array of different media types and have the facilities to manage websites, blog writing, content creation, PR, podcast recordings, photography and filming for Youtube clips to maximise your exposure.

Social media is not a magic pill and neither is it your only source of marketing, it is however the largest medium beyond the traditional web in which to advertise, build relationships, build brand, build trust and communicate freely about your offerings and services.

Search Engine Optimisation
Our search engine optimisation services are geared towards building your brand and business online. After understanding your business, its client and potential client base we put together a proposal to boost your organic search engine rankings with quality hits in mind. With quality hits we mean the right people looking for the kind of products and services you have to offer finding the right pages on your website.

We do this in various ways and firstly target organic listings in search engines. These are then topped up with Pay Per Click campaigns which we manage for you as well as integrating social media and networking into the mix.

Market Alignment - We establish that there is a market opportunity for a product and the market perceives’ that it needs the product then the next stage is developing a sales and marketing proposition that fully aligns the vendor and its product with the market.

Market Development - We work Generating Market Awareness and maintaining that awareness is a key phase in building up the volume of enquiries and subsequent sales.

Company Representation - We would be happy to represent your company in a time when you need an experienced negotiator in the either the nurture process or in contract situations.


Business Development



Media-Slave is a small, highly creative design & communications agency. We specialise in branding awareness campaigns for small to medium sized businesses through the web and traditional. We work discreetly and creatively to deliver graphic design and brand communication solutions, which increase the efficiency of your existing branding, whilst truly connecting with your clients. 

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