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Do people go from liking to buying?

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Do people go from liking to buying? http://tomfishburne.com/2012/02/buying-guide.html
It seems so. A recent survey suggests that four in ten users on Facebook purchased an item that they recently liked or commented on. The results were taken from 6000 survey responses over a 17 month period.

The survey was done to understand the purchasing influence of the main social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The highlights were that Twitter users tended to buy Tech products, Pinterest users tended to buy food and drink and Facebook users bought everything in between including tech, hair/beauty and clothes.

Facebook seemed to have the highest results with 29 percent.

The majority of people said that they were already thinking about buying the product that they ended up purchasing. This clearly shows the power of social media. If people are willing to buy via advice or information (even better, friend recommended) then you have the ability to make that potential client yours.

This survey also shows that people do respond very well to Social Media. It does not however mean that they will buy from YOU because you use Social Media. In order to understand the best ways of using the largest potential client base out there give us a call or read more HERE.

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