We have that Friday feeling again and since we are offering websites with our partners searchscotland.org, the next 50 listings will be in with a chance of receiving a free website worth £300. SearchScotland.Org listings start from £5 per year and all you need to do is add a listing to our directory.

We are hopefully launching Westmill Media (The site is live but not officially launched yet) website this week. The site is being built for Iain Mills and will be selling a book called Clyde Scapes Project. This book contains photos and poems of Inverclyde. All profits from the book will go to Ardgowan Hospice in Greenock. Please see above the logo we designed for it.

We have been promising a document that provides a basic to medium website feature checklist. This should encourage and help businesses with a need for a website to solicit free quotes from different providers on a level playing field. The document is also designed to help suggest the most common features and options that their website should contain.

We are setting up a standardised doc for requesting web design quotes. We will make this available soon. We believe this is important to make sure you the potential client has a base from which to gather competing quotes. This allows you to have a benchmark of features and services that should be covered by your future designer.

Thursday, 23 May 2013 11:39

Your Facebook page is NOT your new website

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The guardian wrote an article about how councils are increasingly taking to social media to deal with customer issues. 98% of councils now have a facebook page or a twitter account. They use these to post news and articles and inform the masses. This is all good and well but like so many businesses using social media, it does not mean you are doing the right thing or using it well. The real issue also still exists, communication and how effective it is. Just because you are tweeting when roadworks will take place does not mean everyone will know about it.

Most start-up businesses suffer from the same problem which is “how do I market myself effectively online ?” This problem arises for start ups with and without financial backing, and can be just as disruptive for both if not achieved.  The key to effective online marketing is the idea that you don’t need a marketing degree to be successful, you just need to have a good business plan and be a little savvy in the following departments; Online Advertising and Websites.

A couple of weeks ago we looked in to Google’s announcement that they are using a page’s load time to rank a sample of sites (1%) and what it meant for your website (you can read that post here). One of the most resource hungry ways of creating a website is WordPress. With its multiple CSS, JavaScript and PHP files and a heavy reliance on calls to databases a WordPress site can easily become bloated and slow. Web masters who use WordPress need to look at how they can decrease their website‘s page load speeds. Here is how.

A quick overview of how to make sure your website does not fall in rank thanks to the new algorythms that google applies to website and web page rankings on their search engine results. This blog is aimed at the penguin release but when you look closer at the points covered it is clear that they make perfect sense. They also apply as guidelines of running a good website as they are about good and regular content, relationship building and website maintenance.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 11:22

Server Reboot

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We are writing to inform you we will shortly begin rebooting our Linux shared web hosting servers in order to apply a mission-critical security patch. At no point were any of our servers compromised, but it is very important that we patch this bug in order to prevent any possible attacks.

A little bubbly but a good start I think on a graphic to quickly and clearly represent all the items needed to make sure your website is s success. It is worth noting that another graphic just like this can be drawn up about every bubble in this graphic. Although this is a quick sketch that will be refined it does give a good outline. We needed a graphic to show tomorrow at a presentation for a new website and website model.

I hope to get accross one point above any others... content is king, nothing of value can be done, planned, designed, tweeted etc if there is not good and regular content on your website to back it up.

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