Monday, 03 February 2014 21:06

Clydescapes has nearly been sold out!

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Clydescapes is a book of poems and photos about Inverclyde. Iain Mills approached us to build a website for Westmill Media (an organisation which will in the future keep running charitable programmes). The site was designed to promote, inform and sell 'online' the Clydescapes book.

On our latest trawl through the internet we came across this article which goes into more depth about the new Hummingbird Release by Google. For those that don't know what that means, Hummingbird, like Panda and the other releases are names given to new algorithms implemented by google to display search results in their search engine.
Tuesday, 01 October 2013 15:16

Why no one follows you on Twitter

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Just like converting a visitor on a website, you have very little time to convince someone to follow you on twitter. You may have a split second or less before the viewer has made up their mind. Below are a few do’s and don’t around twitter.
SEO is dead because people now buy into brands and reputation online! Social Media, Social based websites and APPs have taken over. Build your following on Twitter and Facebook a voila you are done… well...
Social media is often neglected or even worse handed to a friend, family member or some 'person that knows how to create a facebook page'. This is a result of misunderstanding the danger, power and the importance of Social Media.
With hundreds of different content management systems, website builders and blogging platforms out there, it can be hard to decide what to use. The first decision to make is, ‘What kind of hosting do I choose for my blog - and why?’

Media-Slave covers all aspects of growing your business online and creating lasting relationships with clients. These relationships are built within social media channels and form a vital part in your overall marketing and PR programme.
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Monday, 10 June 2013 14:36

Web Strategy 101

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Your Branding needs to look better?
Your website needs more, and more relevant visitors?
More of your visitors need to be converted into clients?
Your copy and your content needs to be more effective at both selling and informing?
Your blogs are out of date?
Your blogs are not informative?
Your social media is mainly friends and family?
Thursday, 23 May 2013 11:39

Your Facebook page is NOT your new website

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The guardian wrote an article about how councils are increasingly taking to social media to deal with customer issues. 98% of councils now have a facebook page or a twitter account. They use these to post news and articles and inform the masses. This is all good and well but like so many businesses using social media, it does not mean you are doing the right thing or using it well. The real issue also still exists, communication and how effective it is. Just because you are tweeting when roadworks will take place does not mean everyone will know about it.

Most start-up businesses suffer from the same problem which is “how do I market myself effectively online ?” This problem arises for start ups with and without financial backing, and can be just as disruptive for both if not achieved.  The key to effective online marketing is the idea that you don’t need a marketing degree to be successful, you just need to have a good business plan and be a little savvy in the following departments; Online Advertising and Websites.

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