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Ways to Protect your Website from Google SEO Penalties

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Cute but deadly penguin Google update Cute but deadly penguin Google update

A quick overview of how to make sure your website does not fall in rank thanks to the new algorythms that google applies to website and web page rankings on their search engine results. This blog is aimed at the penguin release but when you look closer at the points covered it is clear that they make perfect sense. They also apply as guidelines of running a good website as they are about good and regular content, relationship building and website maintenance.

Audit your internal and external website links regularly
Make sure that your internal links are working and accurate. Also look at who you are linking to, make sure these links are still active and that the site you are linking to still has credibility on Search Engines. Most important is having a look to make sure only relevant and credible sites are linking to you. If you notice dodgy sites linking to you ask them politely to remove that link.

Webmaster tools is your buddy and your chum!
Make sure your site is verified and a sitemap is included. Check regularly for any potential coding or dead links problems. You can also use webmaster tools for checking links to your site and many other aspects of your site and how it is listed and performing on Google search.

Google Webmaster tools can also tell you if google bot is having trouble crawling your site and how some parts of your website is ranked. It also breaks down what google bot sees and how your keywords are interpreted.

Google Analytics
Although I am not a huge fan of google analytics it does come in handy. It is mainly designed for marketing rather than website statistics so use it in that way. Setup goals and alerts which will ping you if you drop in visitors or other factors of choice. Remember that analytics only give you part of the picture because it is relying on the viewers browser configuration and in our experience it is only around 60% accurate.

Use a server side analytics tool like awstats or others which are able to read and formulate server logs for a fuller visitor picture.

Don't build spammy links or use link farming
Many companies offer cheap and cheerful link building which essentially just adds your url with related keywords in thousands of directories around the world. This is still reasonable as long as these directories are not themselves under penalty. The problem lies is in that you can't guarantee their state on google. A big taboo however is link farming and what is considered more black hat seo techniques.

Build High Quality Links and create relationships
One high value link is worth hundreds of low quality links. A handful of links from reputable sources can help a site’s rankings considerably.

The best way to get this done is by having good solid content on your site and regular new content. Make sure your clients and competitors know about this content and try to have some of your blogs re-published by reputable websites.

You can also engage in blogging about the subject and sharing it via social media. More and more social media links to your articles and website is having an effect on your overall reputation online.

Do not duplicate content
If you have blog sites and different website running make sure not to duplicate content word for word. It is better to summarise and link on to the other. Content duplication is becoming a problem not just because google might punish one site, but also because google will have to decide what site with the same content it needs to rank above the other. This might cause problems later if the wrong site is ranked.

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