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Your Facebook page is NOT your new website

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The guardian wrote an article about how councils are increasingly taking to social media to deal with customer issues. 98% of councils now have a facebook page or a twitter account. They use these to post news and articles and inform the masses. This is all good and well but like so many businesses using social media, it does not mean you are doing the right thing or using it well. The real issue also still exists, communication and how effective it is. Just because you are tweeting when roadworks will take place does not mean everyone will know about it.

The added problem is that just like the councils, many businesses are separating their websites from their social media in a way that you will see updates and news on facebook which are not on their website.

The strategy that should be adopted is that your website is your one true place for news and information. Social media should only be another vehicle by which to distribute your communications. So instead of treating your facebook page as your new website it should just be seen as another (very powerful) tool.

Although some of these methods are ageing, still having an RSS feed, newsletter subscription and the like is still useful. The point of all these tools are to make sure your provide the information in as many formats and to as many platforms as possible. This is to guarantee the largest possible audience.

The truth is that people have so many different ways of receiving information in the modern connected world. This means a company cannot just rely on one platform but has to cater for as many different ones as possible.

The communications effort should be around the quality of your content and your website. The usability and the regularity of news and updates on your website. If this is done posting to your social media channels is a 1 minute operation and drives much more quality traffic to your website.

The real work that needs to be done in social media is the building of relationships, networking and growing a user base that will want to read your updates. It is quite useless to have all your friends like your new business page when none of them or their friends are interested or have a need of your products or services. (More about this later!)

To summarise:

  • Just because you have social media channels and post to them often does not mean it is working for you
  • Just because your facebook page is liked by 1000 people does not mean it is delivering any conversion in business terms
  • Your website is and will always be the main place to inform people and convert viewers into clients
  • Build relationships online, not a base to spam to
  • Have good content, preferably written with care and attention and make sure it has a specific purpose.

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