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Web Strategy 101

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Your Branding needs to look better?
Your website needs more, and more relevant visitors?
More of your visitors need to be converted into clients?
Your copy and your content needs to be more effective at both selling and informing?
Your blogs are out of date?
Your blogs are not informative?
Your social media is mainly friends and family?
Bets are you can say yes to pretty much all of the points above. This means your web strategy is non-existent and not working for your business. If you then think about the fact that the internet is the cheapest and biggest market per pound (or effort) spent that any businesses ever had to its disposal you realise how much you are missing out on.

Having even a few of the above items down properly will create a huge boost to your online reach and ultimately your client list.

Everyone has by now spent some time or money on their online marketing exercise. This would have been a website, dabbling with facebook or maybe even some pay per click campaign. The results of your efforts and investments are usually unclear and fragmented and soon the efforts are soon halted. Then usually followed by ‘that is a waste of time’.

Yet if you see the results of a well managed online strategy you will see that although it may take a bit of time, the results are reliable and long lasting.

Just like any marketing campaign or business plan there needs to be a well conceived plan that incorporates different routes with a strategy designed to inform, entice and build reputation and trust.

Most small to medium businesses do this very poorly mainly because of a lack of knowledge or time and cash constraints. Not realising the ROI of a proper web strategy, especially in the long run is a problem. It is also important to know that a good web strategy does not have to cost very much.

What is important:
  • Build your brand and your message to best represent you and your product.
  • Reflect these message uniformly across all the different media online but have that message originate from your website. (Your website always needs to be the place your content is distributed from)
  • Build your social media coverage from the points above.
  • Align all search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns to your core message.
  • Build relationships with help, advice and information... Not hard sales messages.
  • Further extend your reach with videos (youtube), podcasts, Instagram, Tumblr, and more.
  • Keep an eye on your reach results regularly.
We can help you will the full range of requirements al the way from branding to running your social media campaigns Contact Us today to see how we can help.

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