Come along to our informal and yet very productive Social Media and E-Marketing Workshop. Bring your laptop / mobile / tab, meet some new people and start promoting your business straight away. Aimed at the complete beginner to online marketing and social media.
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Monday, 10 June 2013 14:36

Web Strategy 101

Your Branding needs to look better?
Your website needs more, and more relevant visitors?
More of your visitors need to be converted into clients?
Your copy and your content needs to be more effective at both selling and informing?
Your blogs are out of date?
Your blogs are not informative?
Your social media is mainly friends and family?
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A little bubbly but a good start I think on a graphic to quickly and clearly represent all the items needed to make sure your website is s success. It is worth noting that another graphic just like this can be drawn up about every bubble in this graphic. Although this is a quick sketch that will be refined it does give a good outline. We needed a graphic to show tomorrow at a presentation for a new website and website model.

I hope to get accross one point above any others... content is king, nothing of value can be done, planned, designed, tweeted etc if there is not good and regular content on your website to back it up.

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Most start-up businesses suffer from the same problem which is “how do I market myself effectively online ?” This problem arises for start ups with and without financial backing, and can be just as disruptive for both if not achieved.  The key to effective online marketing is the idea that you don’t need a marketing degree to be successful, you just need to have a good business plan and be a little savvy in the following departments; Online Advertising and Websites.

Having a good business plan is very important to the success of the business, not only because it helps you gain funding but also because it gives you and your business direction. You can format your visions and your market very effectively by having the information on paper. You can also make projections which can be kept as reference to your success in the future. Speak to you local Business Gateway or equivalent for advice on business plan writing.
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