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  Newsletter n°10 - 27 May 2018  
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Imagine your website returning on its investment!
Imagine your website increasing in popularity and viewers!
Imagine your website turning those visitors into clients!

Now imagine boosting this even more by using Social Media effectively!

Contact us today to see how we can make this a reality for your business.

Web Design and Web Development Quote Request Help and Advice

We created this document from a wide variety of documents we have had the joy of reading in the past. It is designed to benchmark basic and common websites and make a template from requesting web design quotes. This document provides feature lists which you can use to request a quote. The list can also be used to suggest what your website should have to make it competitive and have a chance on returning on it investment.

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Some useful Blogs!

Ways to Protect your Website from Google SEO Penalties

A quick overview of how to make sure your website does not fall in rank thanks to the new algorythms that google applies to website and web page rankings on their search engine results.

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Your Facebook page is NOT your new website

The guardian wrote an article about how councils are increasingly taking to social media to deal with customer issues. 98% of councils now have a facebook page or a twitter account. They use these to post news and articles and inform the masses.

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Website and web marketing tips for new businesses

Most start-up businesses suffer from the same problem which is “how do I market myself effectively online ?” This problem arises for start ups with and without financial backing, and can be just as disruptive for both if not achieved.

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