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web design quote request checklist

We created this document from a wide variety of documents we have had the joy of reading in the past. It is designed to benchmark basic and common websites and make a template from requesting web design quotes. This document provides feature lists which you can use to request a quote. The list can also be used to suggest what your website should have to make it competitive and have a chance on returning on it investment.

You are more than welcome to use this document when requesting quotes from other website and web hosting providers. In fact it is meant to be used in this way. Sending a few developers the same criteria by which to quote by should empower you to make an informed decision of which provider to use.

The idea of this template came up when talking to a representative of a councils business development team. Many councils now provide up to 50% to marketing and or website projects. This funding is there to help start-ups or young businesses to get up and running with online marketing material. The problem is that in most cases the councils or development organisations will only fund the lowest tender.

We feel that it is very important you get accurate and complete quotes and allow every supplier to quote against the same criteria.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions towards this document. Please also be aware that we will be updating this document often to make sure it is as contemporary as possible, so please check back regularly for updates and versions.

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We are in the process of putting together a checklist document by which to accurately evaluate your website, SEO both onsite and offsite and Social Media activities. We will soon publish it. In the meantime you are welcome to send us an email or contact us to discuss your current website or possible web needs.

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